Thursday, April 23, 2009

No more Mariska?

I was watching Entertainment Tonight the other day and there was some brief headline saying that two Law and Order stars are going to leave one of the highly acclaimed drama series. Shockingly, they later revealed that the two actors who could potentially drop out of the series were none other than - Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay from SVU!


I'm not obsessed with the show, I just know a good series when I see one. What I also know is, is that what gossip shows are good for is just that - spreading rumors and 'juicy' gossip. But Law & Order SVU is not the kind of show where you would want to speculate that the two pivotal characters of the series are secretly plotting to leave the show. When I say 'plotting', I mean according to Entertainment Tonight , Mariska and Christopher are requesting a pay-rise or they'll leave (and essentially kill) the series. How's that for an alleged strangle-hold?

Fair Enough. In these economic times no matter how much your pay is, you'll be vying for another step up that ladder. And now I just have to round this ramble off with one sentence that will hopefully save us all....

POO-LEEEEEZE don't leave the show! I can't find anything else better to replace you in the 8:30 time-slot on Thursdays!!!



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