Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Shadows, they're the little person sewn to the bottom of your feet to keep you company, they do whatever you do. They even play soccer when you play soccer - they've even got their own shadow ball to kick too!

We all know how harmless our shadows are, as you'll read in any thriller book a line like "She was so scared that she jumped at the sight of her own shadow." But according to some, there are shadows that can move about...without an earthly counterpart. Those who have seen them dub these rogue shadows "Shadow People" or "The Hat Man". You can go over to wikipedia to check out what it says about them in more detail over there.


What I find intriguing about this phenomena is that thousands of people worldwide have allegedly had encounters with these entities, and to be more to the point, why have these people had such visitations and not others? Just to be clear, I am not a skeptic, but that's not to say I'll just go with the flow and agree on every account/story that I read ( also, I'm not an expert and have absolutely NO experience concerning the paranormal either). Now, I'm not saying all these 'witnesses' are liars, and I am not gonna explain or debunk these things as some figment of the imagination - awake or asleep. But again, I can't entirely believe all the stories about the shadow people or aliens, simply on the premise I haven't seen or had an encounter with them myself, first-hand.

However, even though I am someone who has never had anything remotely paranormal happen to me, I am also the kind of person to believe that untill there is evidence that it can't exist, the subject in question will still remain a possibility.

So you know I can waffle on about a certain topic, and the reason behind this blog, about Shadow people, is because I cam across this blog > I don't know how I even came to read the blog, or about the paranormal in general, but I hope you enjoyed my little rambling about the subject, and if you'd like to post about your experience with shadow people or would just like to post an opinion concerning the topic, please do so!

*When you do post on this topic, please state things like if you've used an ouija board etc, etc. Just to see if there is a certain demographic this occurs to. (P.S. I have never used an ouija *shudders* and nor will I - EVER. )



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